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lynda is an online software training library in video format available 24/7 at your own convenience on or off campus.
It contains a wide variety of software programs from top vendors such as Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe, free of charge. Topics include 3D animation, graphics, photography, design and multimedia. Programming languages such as Javascript, action script, JQuery and C++ are also available. Certificates upon completion of the course are awarded.
Within your account, you can :

  • Manage information in your personal profile
  • Keep track of your course history and recent activity
  • Bookmark your favorite courses, tutorials, and specific points within movies
  • Earn certificates of course completion

How do I access

All AUC community can access by selecting the "Sign in to" button at the top of this page. You will need to log in with your AUC e-mail credentials.

Where can I find information on system requirements?

Information on system requirements and other technical details are available at